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Welcome to Saigon

Home of the world’s best street food (and food tours)


Sample some of the world’s best street food with Saigon Street Eats, created by an Australian-Vietnamese couple who are obsessed with Vietnamese food. Barbara and Vu run small group street food tours in Ho Chi Minh City, tours that delve into the culture, history and food of this exciting and crazy metropolis.

We are an anti-tour un-tour kind of operation. No stern lectures, no uniforms and no matchy-matchy bikes. We want you to feel like you’re hanging out with friends who are showing you the best — and tastiest — bits of their city.

That tastiness includes dishes you won’t find outside of Vietnam, or even outside of Saigon. All our street food tours are seasoned with stories that will help you understand the country’s unique history and culture, and how these intersect in the food. (Did we mention it’s the best in the world?)

The Saigon Street Eats team understands that not everyone is comfortable on the back of a motorbike. Our focus is the food, not the bikes. So we created a morning walking tour (the Pho Trail) and evening tours with the scaredy-cat option of taking taxis to and from the tour area. We don’t even poke fun at you for being a scaredy-cat! (We’re nice like that.)

Check out our NEW tour upgrade option: Pasteur Street craft beer, available on our evening tours. We are the only tour company in town offering a selection of Saigon-brewed American-style craft beer featuring uniquely Vietnamese flavours. Our craft beer packs contain three brews: Passionfruit Wheat Ale (4%); Jasmine IPA (6.5%) and Spice Island Saison (7.2%).

Saigon Street Eats Food Tours

All the delicious details of our street food tours in Ho Chi Minh City. Start scrolling, dude!

Check out our tours for details of our tours, including prices and start and finish times.

About Us

Vietnamese food is the best in the world.

And the best Vietnamese food is available on the streets of HCM City.

But it’s not always easy to experience authentic street food without some local help.

That’s where we come in!

Let us show you what the locals eat. Leave the tourist area behind and experience the real Vietnam, eating and laughing alongside the locals.

All of Saigon Street Eats’ tours are designed by Australian-Vietnamese couple Barbara and Vu, who met in a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City in early 2008 when Vu crashed an office Tet party.

They have been eating their way around the city ever since, stopping only briefly to have a baby and to chase street food sensations in Singapore and Thailand.

Barbara and Vu decided to start street food tours of Ho Chi Minh City after realising how few non-Vietnamese people were able to enjoy their favourite activity — eating Saigon’s best street food!

  • Vu

    Vu comes from a family of foodies. He’s a great cook and has a wealth of knowledge of local ingredients — and the medicinal properties of local herbs, spices and vegetables.

    He was born in post-war Vietnam in the central part of the country. When he was a small boy, his family moved to a village about two hours from Ho Chi Minh City, where his parents set up a small restaurant which they still run today.

    When Vu met Barbara he was working in the marketing department of a consumer finance company by day and eating street food and hanging out in hip hop bars at night. (He doesn’t need much sleep.)

    Vu’s favourite food is still anything his mother cooks and his favourite beer is Saigon Red.

  • Barbara

    Barbara grew up in a small mining town in outback Australia. Her parents moved to the beach when she was a teenager and a year later she went to the city to study business and journalism at university.

    After a successful career as a journalist in Australia, Barbara quit the rat race in 2007 and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to teach English. She discovered she didn’t really like teaching, so she found a job at a local English language newspaper. And it was at this newspaper’s Tet party in 2008 that Barbara met Vu, the party crasher.

    Barbara’s favourite food changes every couple of days. This week it is scallops cooked in quail eggs. Last week it was prawn paste on sugar cane sticks. Her favourite food is usually Vietnamese and her favourite drink is a free one. (Once a journalist, always a journalist … as they say.)

    She is the author of the popular food and travel blog, The Dropout Diaries, which chronicles the food and funny stories she’s encountered since her career dropout.

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What others say about us


I do food tours in every country I visit and this tour is definitely one of the top 2 food tours I’ve done in the world. I followed another reviewer’s advice and did the Seafood Trail and Pho Trail tours. The Seafood Trail was amazing and gave a great insight into Vietnam’s seafood cuisine. We made stops at 4 different restaurants and the food at each was outstanding and different from anything I’ve ever eaten and there were definitely a couple of dishes where I would have licked the plates clean if I were alone.

Dlam626 from San Francisco(from TripAdvisor)
Amazing introduction to the culture and history of Vietnam

We did the breakfast tour as a family of five including a teenager and two young children. Vu and his team took us on a magical mystery tour giving us a brief glimpse of the heart of the true Vietnamese lifestyle and history. From the fantastic pho breakfast through to the picnic lunch at the temple this is a fantastic way to be meet and discover Ho Chi Minh City and its people. Also a great way to learn how to traverse the otherwise incredibly dangerous streets dodging scooters and cars! Great food and great company.

686busymamma from Darwin, Australia(from TripAdvisor)
Amazing, Adventurous, Delicious Seafood Tasting

We have been traveling in Asia for 15 years. This is the best street food tour bar none that we have experienced. The quality of the food is outstanding. The variety of seafood and as much beer and water as you want and the most expert guide in Binh. He navigates his way carefully and with skill. His knowledge of good food and interesting dishes is impressive. He has interesting stories and information about everything that you eat. We had 3 major food stops and a dessert stop. There is a wide variety of seafood that we tasted: clams, octopus, crab, snail, mussels, prawns, and more. Everything we tasted was delicious and interesting. We highly recommend this tour as the best thing to do in HCMC.

Lilyan C from Santa Barbara, California(from TripAdvisor)
Phenomenal night on the town! (Seafood Street Eats Tour)

I cannot recommend this tour enough! Having done a lot of street tours while traveling, this was far and away the best one. For an entire evening, Vu and his buddies took us to a wide range of fun, laid-back local shops (basically, a collection of Vu’s favorite places – and no complaints from me on that front!) and taught us all about different types of local cuisine. In between, we got to ride with them on motos through the crazy streets of Saigon and chat about basically any topic I wanted to know about: local politics, cultural norms, driving etiquette, Vietnamese history – if something crossed my mind, Vu and the gang were excited to talk to me about it. Just a blast – what a way to learn so much (and eat so much deliciousness) in such a short period of time!

Runnerboy11 from New York(from TripAdvisor)