ABOUT Babara

Barbara grew up in a small mining town in outback Australia. Her parents moved to the beach when she was a teenager and a year later she went to the city to study business and journalism at university.

After a successful career as a journalist in Australia, Barbara quit the rat race in 2007 and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to teach English. She discovered she didn’t really like teaching, so she found a job at a local English language newspaper. And it was at this newspaper’s Tet party in 2008 that Barbara met Vu, the party crasher.

Barbara’s favourite food changes every couple of days. This week it is scallops cooked in quail eggs. Last week it was prawn paste on sugar cane sticks. Her favourite food is usually Vietnamese and her favourite drink is a free one. (Once a journalist, always a journalist … as they say.)

She is the author of the popular food and travel blog, The Dropout Diaries, which chronicles the food and funny stories she’s encountered since her career dropout.