Welcome to Saigon, home of the world's best street food

Sample some of the world's best street food with Saigon Street Eats, created by an Australian-Vietnamese couple who are obsessed with Vietnamese food.

Barbara and Vu run small group street food tours in Ho Chi Minh City, tours that delve into the culture as well as the food of this exciting and crazy metropolis.

We are an anti-tour kind of operation. No stern lectures from us! Instead, expect to feel like you're hanging out with friends who are showing you the best -- and tastiest -- bits of their city.

We also understand that not everyone is comfortable on the back of motorbikes. Our focus is the food, not the bikes. So we created a morning walking tour (the Pho Trail) and evening tours with the scaredy-cat option of taking taxis to and from the tour area. We don't even poke fun at you for being a scaredy-cat! (We're nice like that.)

Check out our tours page for details of our tours, including prices and start and finish times.

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Enjoy a Vietnamese hotpot like the locals do - at the end of a meal. This is how we finish our Seafood Trail tour.

Learn about the weird and wonderful foods available in a Vietnamese wet market on our Pho Trail tour.

Every tour includes tasting adventures

Discover Saigon's sidewalk nightlife on our Seafood Trail tour.

"Dive into Saigon's street life with us. We'll show you how the locals roll, eating fabulous fresh cooked-before-your-eyes food, sitting at small metal tables and laughing at the world going by."

Barbara, Saigon Street Eats co-founder

"Let me show you `my' Saigon. Too many tourists miss out on Ho Chi Minh City's best street food by sticking to the tourist trail - don't be one of them!"

Vu, Saigon Street Eats co-founder

"The highlight of my time in Saigon"

Willow from the U.S.