Introducing Saigon Supper Club

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Welcome to our pandemic project, Saigon Supper Club! With international travel off the cards, we’ve created a food-centric way for you to holiday at home. We have designed a series of fun cookalong experiences that will make you feel like you’ve had a little holiday. We’re kicking off our series with Barbara hosting two Vietnamese home cooking webinars, and Vu and the kids hosting an easy wonton-making cookalong. We’re hoping to build an international network of cooking hosts. If you’re interested, or know someone suitable, drop us a line  

Saigon Supper Club

Cookalong Webinars

Our fun and friendly virtual cooking classes are based on the home cooked meals Vu grew up with in Southern Vietnam. 

We’ve adapted the recipes to use ingredients that are readily available in Australia and other Western countries. The dishes we cook are delicious yet relatively simple. 

And the holiday-at-home foodie experience is rounded out with a music playlist and some Netflix movie recommendations. We even throw in some wine pairing tips.

 While we cook together on a Zoom call, we (Barbara and Vu) will talk about Vietnamese food, society and culture.

Simple and Delicious Home Cooking

Come join us online and experience a little bit of our beloved Vietnam.

There are limited places on our Saigon Supper Club webinars because we want to keep Saigon Street Eats’ signature “hanging out with friends” feel.

Organise Your Own Cookalong

If you’d like to gather a group of friends for a fun cookalong, contact us to organise something. 

Special soft-opening prices: $35 per device for adults 
$15 per device for kids class.
Maximum 8 devices

Menu 2 – Fridays 5-7pm AEST
Menu 1 – Saturdays 5-7pm AEST
Kids wonton menu – Saturdays and Sundays at 11am AEST

Other times by appointment. 

Our home cooking webinars need to be booked two days ahead so there is  enough time for you to receive the shopping list and gather the ingredients.

Menu 1

Thịt Kho Trứng (Pork and Egg Braised in Coconut Water)

Canh Cá Nấu Ngót (Sour Fish Soup With Celery And Tomato)

Rau Xào Tỏi (Greens Stir-Fried with Garlic)

Menu 2

Xíu mại (Vietnamese pork meatballs in tomato sauce)

Đậu đũa xào thịt băm (Stir-fried green beans with pork mince)

Canh chua tôm nấu thơm (Sweet and sour prawn soup with pineapple)

Kids’ Wonton Class
Vietnamese hoành thánh (wontons)

Saigon Supper Club Reviews

“I can’t wait to do the soup again, and the pork, well, everything – it was all so delicious and well balanced. The ease was amazing – it was so simple, yet when I served it up to my guests they felt it was all complex. I loved the culture lesson as well. I was able to talk that through with my friends when we had dinner and they loved it.” – Steve from Sydney.

“The food was delicious and the concept is fantastic. I’d love to do it again.” – Ang from Perth.

“Everything was delicious! I learned so much.” – Nic from Brisbane.

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