All our tours require a sense of adventure and a healthy appetite for Saigon’s best street food! Make you sure bring yours. A smile and a sense of humour would be appreciated too.For night tours, you might want to bring insect repellent. Not many people bother to do this, though.For our Pho Trail tour, you should bring a hat, sunscreen and a small bottle of drinking water. We will stop for drinks and snacks but it does get hot walking in the sun, so remember to keep hydrated.We are a very laid back tour company and we like our customers to be pretty laid back too.

The morning Pho Trail tour takes about 4.5 hours, our most popular night tour, the Seafood Trail, takes about four hours. Our tasty Street Food 101 is also four hours.

The prices of all our tours are written on our “tours” page. But we know that it’s easy to miss this information when you’re salivating all over your computer at the thought of all the fantastic food you’re going to eat.So here are the prices again:Seafood Trail – US$65/VND1.48 million;Pho Trail – US$55/VND1.24 million.Street Food 101 – US$49/VND1.1 million.

We want to shout about our new partnership with Pasteur Street Brewery too!The talented folk behind Pasteur Street Brewery use American-style craft beer techniques and Vietnamese flavours to create an exciting range of beers that all nail the WOW-factor. These guys triggered the craft beer craze that’s been gripping Ho Chi Minh City for the past four years.All the details of our Pasteur Street craft beer packs are on our tour add-ons page.

The tour price includes all food and drinks and a fabulous English-speaking guide.On our Seafood Trail and Street Food 101 tours, the price also includes motorbike transport to and from our tour area from hotels in District 1 and District 3. A small surcharge applies for people who choose the scaredy-cat option of getting to and from the tour area by taxi.On the Pho Trail tour, the price includes a taxi to and from the tour area from hotels in District 1 and District 3.

This is kind of like asking a parent which one is their favourite child. We just can’t answer this question. We love all our tours, even though they are very different. They are all delicious and fun, with lots of cultural insights, and there’s no overlap, so you can take all three tours and not visit the same places or eat the same thing twice!In short — they’re ALL the best tour. And if you can’t decide which one you want to do, just book yourself on all three.

You won’t go hungry if you tell us in advance you are a picky eater or need to avoid certain types of food. The seafood joints we visit on the Seafood Trail serve frog, pork and beef, and wandering vendors sell rice crackers, corn, green mango and quails eggs.The Seafood Trail is not recommended for anyone with a seafood allergy. We don’t prepare the food so we can’t guarantee there will be no cross contamination.

We hope so.The chairs at our favourite pho restaurant are metal, so they’re quite strong.The chairs at our favourite nighttime street food joints are mostly plastic. The staff at street food joints usually stack two tiny plastic chairs on top of each other for larger customers. This makes the chair stronger, but it also means the larger person is sitting slightly higher than everyone else.The double-chair setup still needs to be tested because some of the chairs can be a bit old. All we can do is promise that we will do our best to find you a suitable chair without making too much fuss so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

When Vietnamese people travel, food souvenirs are compulsory. However, most of the stuff in the tourist shops and at the airports are seriously overpriced and, frankly, not so great.The good stuff is in the supermarkets where the Vietnamese people shop. But there’s no supermarkets left downtown! So we’ve selected our favourite supermarket snacks for you, AND bundled them into a beautiful handmade tote bag from Very Ngon homewares. All the snacks are sealed, so they won’t create any problems for you at customs.All the details of our souvenir snack packs are on our tour add-ons page

We think so, but it all depends on the kids.We have taken children on our Pho Trail and they have enjoyed it. Our youngest Pho Trail customer was 14 months old! (She mostly slept in her carrier.) We often take our own four year old on the Pho Trail and she loves it.The night tours might be enjoyable for some kids, but be aware we will be sitting at tables on the sidewalk. We will be quite close to the traffic, so you need to be sure your child has enough traffic awareness for this situation.We are huge fans of family travel, so please let us know if you are a travelling family and so we can discuss how you can have a fun street food tour with you and your kids.

If you’ve made it to Vietnam, then you are still a hip young thing to us!Seriously though, you will be able to do the morning Pho Trail if you can walk and stand in the mid-morning heat for about an hour. The rest of the time you’ll be sitting and eating.You will be able to do the night tours if you think you can get in and out of small-sized chairs. We can stack two chairs on top of each other so they’re slightly higher, and we can give you a hand to get up. (Barbara found getting up out of those chairs a bit challenging when she was pregnant.)Our night street food tours are like progressive dinners, so you may have to get into and out of those tiny chairs a couple of times. And depending on what the various outlets in snail street have that day, we may walk a couple of hundred metres down the street to try something particularly enticing. If you think you can manage that, then you’ll be fine on our tours.

We have phased out our vegetarian tour because of a lack of demand. We now offer vegans and vegetarians the option of a private tour. Contact us for a quote. (Make sure you let us know the dates you’d like to take the tour!) Our Seafood Trail, Pho Trail tours and Street Food 101 are not suitable for vegetarians.

The night time Seafood Trail tour is the easiest tour to do pork-free. The focus of this tour is seafood and there’s only one dish in our usual repertoire that contains pork — and we can easily order a no-pork version.Our Pho Trail tour can be pork-free, with some advance notice.

Yes, you can organise a private tour. Just contact us and let us know what you’d like to see and do and the date you’d like to do it and we will get back to you with a suggested itinerary and a quote.

We are so tempted to say yes to this, just to see your reaction. But no, you won’t be on the same motorbike. Every guest will get their own motorbike and driver.

We certainly hope you don’t get sick. Our tours go to places that we’ve eaten at for years. All our food vendors have good reputations, order fresh food regularly, have high turnover and are very popular with Saigon locals.If, during one of our tours, you are worried about hygiene or the food that’s being served, please alert your guide. We want you to enjoy your street food experience but we can only address the problems we know about. Don’t expect us to be mind readers if you’re not happy – please!

Our tours are all about the food. How you get to the food is not so important.We know not everyone feels comfortable sitting on the back of a motorbike zooming through Ho Chi Minh City’s crazy traffic. We use motorbikes on our Seafood Trail tour because it’s the easiest way to get around Saigon (and it’s also a lot of fun). But if you want to take this tour without throwing your leg over a motorbike, let us know and for a small surcharge we will organise a taxi pickup and dropoff for you.Our Pho Trail tour uses taxis to get to the start point of the walking tour and to return you to your accommodation from the end of the walking tour. So everyone’s a scaredy-cat on this tour.

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