• The Pho Trail

    A morning walking Tour

The Pho Trail – a morning walking tour

Start your day slurping a bowl of Vietnam’s unofficial national dish, phở.

Not just any old phở, either. The best pho in Ho Chi Minh City. We’ll even teach you how to pronounce it properly.

We will take you out of the tourist area for a food walk through the “real” Saigon. We’ll start at a pho place that’s been serving noodle soup for more than 35 years. This place is one of Saigon’s best kept secrets … and it also serves great Vietnamese coffee.

At this first stop you’ll receive a set of Saigon Street Eats bamboo straws to help reduce the amount of plastic used in Vietnam. They’re yours to keep, and they come with a cute little coconut fibre brush, so you can use them during your travels and when you get home.

After breakfast, we’ll wander around the backstreets, past food stalls, cơm tấm (broken rice) restaurants and other intriguing local shops. As we walk we’ll start collecting snacks to sample later.

We’ll walk through a chaotic local wet market, where tiny stall sell dried, pickled and fresh produce, as well as live seafood, frogs and fresh meat. We’ll stop in the noisy eating area to soak in the craziness, and learn about the tropical fruits in season at the time.

A short walk from the market is a peaceful park, and a temple famous for its fortune telling. After this stop we’ll enjoy a family-style meal in a nearby rice restaurant.

This tour, suitable for families, is a great introduction to Vietnam. During the tour you’ll learn some of the basics that will make your visit to Vietnam enjoyable, including how to cross the road!

While it’s not physically possible to eat everything you see on the tour, when we’re finished with you, you should be able to identify a range of local dishes and know how to order them. We also hope you’ll have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and history.

(4.5 hour morning tour, starting around 8am, $55 per person, maximum 6 people, small surcharge for pickups outside Districts 1 and 3.)



$55 per person.

Maximum 6 people



4-4.5 hour morning tour, starting around 8.30am

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